51415 Industrial Drive  Macomb, Michigan 48042
Phone: 586.992.8000  Fax: 586.992.8460
Our Mission:

Our experienced and skilled team provides each customer with
a variety of options to meet their needs, while keeping costs
down and projects on schedule. This typically leads to a more
reliable and less complex system. Since our foundation in 1997
we have had the opportunity and privilege to provide innovative
solutions for some of the largest manufacturing firms in the
world, while providing the same dedication of service to our
small business clients. This is a responsibility we take seriously.
As a result, we are committed to maintaining our high standards
of quality, safety, and professionalism while providing a superior
product for our customer.
What We Do:

We are experienced in the initial development and build, as well
as the modification of existing manufacturing processes. These
include but are not limited to:
Innovative Control Systems provides effective and efficient
solutions for your manufacturing needs. We specialize in the
design and build of special machines and control systems for
industrial automation across multiple industries. We also offer
machine shop support, detail work, and miscellaneous
fabrication projects.
customers include:
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